Floor 3, 9 Harley Street, London W1G 9QY
+44 (0) 20 3196 0130

Floor 1M, Tempus Belgravia, 11a West Halkin Street, London SW1X 8JL

Floor 1M, Tempus Belgravia
11a West Halkin Street
London SW1X 8JL

+44 (0) 20 3196 0130

Further Information

Do I Need Emotional Support? Psychological Assessment?

Awareness of your motivations in seeking plastic surgery is very important. Support from a relative or friend who truly knows you, is very helpful in the recovery phase. This type of surgery helps with your confidence, but it does not fix any underlying psychological issue. We work closely with a clinical psychologist who has a special interest in anxiety, childhood trauma and body dysmorphia. It is very important to seek counselling before considering surgery. We would recommend those conditions are managed before seeking surgery.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Surgery? If I Have a Deviated Septum, Will My Health Insurance Cover This Part?

We do not work with health insurance when surgery involves external changes to the appearance of the nose.

Do You Provide Finance/Payment Plans?

We do not offer finance options. Payments are upfront and in full. We would recommend you do not proceed with elective plastic surgery if you are having financial difficulties.

Urgent Attention-Emergency

You will need to contact us urgently or go to your local emergency department if out of office hours should you have:

  1. Constantly continuous bleeding for over an hour with fresh blood. This is classified as haemorrhage. Intermittent bleeding, start and stop bleeding is normal during the first few days.
  2. If your nose becomes red, hot, throbbing with offensive green or dark yellow discharge and you have a raised body temperature of 38.5 C for longer than 24 hours. If the redness is localised in the nostrils, it is often of no consequence, and we will ask you to email us a photo or we will set up a video call.
  3. Adverse reactions to any of the prescribed medication (diarrhoea, vomit, skin rash, drowsiness)
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