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Floor 1M, Tempus Belgravia
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London SW1X 8JL

+44 (0) 20 3196 0130


How Important Are the Consultations before Having Surgery?

They are of paramount importance. This is the time of explaining your goals and preparing yourself with what you wish to achieve. It is important that you and the consultant feel on the same level of understanding and that your expectations are managed.

Other Health Issues and Surgery?

There are several conditions which can affect the degree of bruising, the downtime, and the healing. If you take any medication like blood thinners, insulin, thyroxine, immunosuppressants or suffer with any other general health conditions we would discuss your individual case with our anaesthetic team.

Psychology and Surgery?

We work closely with a clinical psychologist who has a special interest in anxiety, childhood trauma and body dysmorphia. It is very important to seek counselling before considering surgery. We would recommend those conditions are managed before seeking surgery.

Will I Be Accepted to Have Surgery under Your Care?

All the initial enquiries are assessed by the pre-assessment team. The team includes one surgeon, a practice manager, the clinical nurse specialist and often a psychologist. We are unfortunately unable to accept all patients who make an enquiry with our practice. The commonest reason for rejection is because we feel unable to fulfil the needs and requirements.

Initial Consultation

All initial consultations are online by video. It is a very useful way of starting your journey. You can get enough information about the technique which would be suitable for you. It allows you to decide to put a pause, or to progress with your journey. You need to be ready to know what you want, and we will explain what is possible and give you our professional advice. This initial step is to establish good communication as it is key for an effective and positive outcome.

Face to Face Consultation in the Office

Following the initial online consultation, if you feel we are the right practice for you, we will meet for an in-person consultation. This is now more targeted at re-visiting your goals and taking clinical photos. You will have to give us your consent for storing your images in our files, this is mandatory. We are very active on social media, and we will ask for your permission to share photos, this is optional.

It is only after this in-person appointment that we can agree to book you for surgery.

Do You Provide Simulations of Outcomes?

Yes, we use photoshop as the software tool to morph possible outcomes. We use the clinical photos we take during the face to face in office consultation. We find this a very useful way of communicating on both sides. The simulations are by no means a guarantee of outcome and we do not simulate results which are unattainable. We will never push you  into having an operation you do not feel ready for.

Can I Bring In Pictures of Noses I Like?

Yes, we welcome you showing us the noses of other people that you like. It gives us an idea of the style you prefer.

When Can I Be Booked for Surgery?

After the in-person consultation we will give you the final estimate of costs which will be valid for three months. If you wish to proceed and book a slot for your operation, we will confirm the slot once we have received the non-refundable deposit. This will also freeze your estimate. The rest of the fee will be due in full a month before the operation.

Invisalign and Nose Surgery

You can have Invisalign treatment before or after nose surgery.

I Have Had Previous Surgery and It Didn’t Go Well. What Can I Expect from a Revision Rhinoplasty with Yourselves?

Secondary rhinoplasty is when you have previously had an operation on your nose or your septum. This is a more complex surgery than primary rhinoplasty, it is not your original nose. It involves a higher surgical skill and a longer operating time. Almost always needing cartilage grafting, when cartilage is taken from one area and moved to your nose. We are aiming at an improvement. Skin changes, damaged tissues, higher infection risk and the grafts contribute to a more unpredictable outcome. The excitement of the primary surgery is rarely seen in patients seeking secondary rhinoplasty and it can be very difficult to put the trust in a professional. We always allow for extra time in the consultations and surgery and have extra tests, especially a Cone Beam CT scan of your nose to see and examine the anatomy.

What can you expect from your initial consultation?

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