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Floor 1M, Tempus Belgravia, 11a West Halkin Street, London SW1X 8JL

Floor 1M, Tempus Belgravia
11a West Halkin Street
London SW1X 8JL

+44 (0) 20 3196 0130


As experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons, we see a significant number of people with sports-related injuries for corrective procedures.

From teenage boys with injuries from contact sports such as rugby, football or basketball. To young women with facial damage from hockey, lacrosse, netball, horse riding and trampolining. Through to professional sports people with previous injuries that perhaps weren’t repaired immediately.

A new generation of filler

Whilst a fracture or a broken nose will need immediate surgery, there are many people who don’t need an operation and will benefit from a non-surgical procedure. For those people, we use a new generation of filler called Ellanse. Ellanse helps to correct and disguise any small lumps, bumps, and depressions from older injuries.

Correcting lost volume

This amazing 30-minute treatment involves a few small injections of gel – inserted with a fine needle, deep within the subcutaneous tissue, so it sits above the bone and beneath the skin, and muscle. Ellanse works differently to traditional fillers, improving the “scaffolding of layers” underneath the skin, helping to reshape and add volume in their areas of concern. It gives an immediate correction of lost volume, but also acts as a biostimulator, working with the body to trigger the formation of new collagen. Over time – skin thickness will improve, and elasticity will be restored.  The results are gradual and soft and can last up to two years.

The result

Rugby star Ben Cohen was unhappy with the profile of his face. This was the result of having his nose broken more times than he can remember on the pitch. The bridge of his nose had collapsed, leading to a visible bump and his whole nose leaning to the side slightly. Ellanse was applied above the bridge and in the tip of his nose, in addition to a small amount of filler in his right cheek to correct a depression left by a fracture and some under his eyes to make them look less hollow.



Ben Says…

I was terrified. I’ve never had a needle in my face, and I was worried I would come out looking worse.  Aside from a few stinging moments, it didn’t hurt. Afterward, there was no swelling or pain. The result was subtle, and I’ve people telling me how well I look, which feels good considering what I’ve been through (on the pitch).  Its been a fantastic experience and I couldn’t feel more positive about it

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