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If you are considering having rhinoplasty, or you’re scheduled to have rhinoplasty, no doubt you’ll have a lot of questions. Besides planning your surgery date you might be wondering what you should do straight after your surgery. What actually happens once you’ve woken up from surgery and discharged from the care of your surgeon?

How do you look after yourself to ensure the best possible outcome?

What is important to know after surgery

You will:

  • Experience some ooze in the first 1- 2 days and congestion Feel tired to a variable degree after anaesthesia.
  • Need to rest and not over exert yourself in the first few days.

You may:

  • Sniff to clear nasal secretions immediately and blow your nose gently after 3 days.
  • See a difference in your nostril shape from day to day (swelling)
  • Have some throat discomfort, more than the nose See swelling/bruising under your eyes (use a fridge temp. cool pad)
  • Feel the need to sneeze – let it happen with your mouth open.
  • Use the antiseptic spray to clean your upper lip and base of your nose gently with a bud

You must:

  • Use the ointments and drops which were dispensed for you
  • Sleep slightly head up for 72 hours
  • Avoid putting tissues, buds and fingers into your nose to try and clear crusts –
    just apply the ointment regularly via the nozzle and to any stitches and in your nostrils as directed.

Your plaster/ dressing will be removed one week after surgery. In the very early stages of healing and these are some of the things you may experience over the next 2-3 months.

It may take some time to become acquainted with your new nose so please don’t worry.

You may have different emotions – be very happy or feel shocked, tearful and very emotional, both reactions are very normal at this stage.


  1. Congestion/difficulty breathing.
  2. Dissolvable stitches that may be visible and will drop out of the nose.
  3. To feel irregularities or notice asymmetries. This happens during the healing process.
  4. Tingling, a woody sensation and numbness around the tip of the nose.
  5. To be very aware of your nose!

What is important to you now:

  1. You may blow your nose gently.
  2. Moisture inside of your nose is helpful. Steam in the shower or use inhalations of steam up to 2-3 times a day. This will help with congestion (congestion can normally be a problem for up to 6 weeks). We normally recommend a sesame seed oil spray e.g. Gelositin/Nozoil. These are soothing and minimise crusting.
  3. Look after your skin– use a non-soap gentle cleanser and gentle exfoliation for the first two weeks. We will advise you on any additional products. Use a SPF 50 sunscreen all over the nose (including the base of nose) and face, for the first two months after surgery.
  4. In the early weeks it is not unusual to detect an odour inside your nose, this is normally from the dissolvable stitches. Clean gently inside your nostrils with a moistened cotton bud.
  5. You will see some variable swelling in your nose usually related to your skin type. We will advise you if taping or massage is required. To massage, place your index finger on either side of the nose just below the bridge and sweep down the cheeks. Work your way down to the tip. Do this for 2-3 minutes as part of your skin care. We will instruct you about taping if necessary
  6. You may wear makeup as soon as your plaster is removed.
  7. Glasses are permissible. They sometimes, however, make an impression on your skin. You may consider contact lenses if your nose is still too tender.


  1. Have any facials or beauty treatments for up to 6 weeks.
  2. Let anyone else inject your nose with fillers.
  3. Undertake strenuous ‘red faced’ exercise for 3-4 weeks to minimise swelling in the skin. Refrain from any contact sports for 6 weeks, as your nose will still be very vulnerable.
  4. Fly for 10-12 days following surgery.
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