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Facial Surgery

There are many reasons why people undergo facial surgery. It could be an issue with the size or shape of specific features, or facial reconstruction after traumatic injury. Either way, Rhinosplasty London can help offer advice, treatment and look at procedure options for anyone in need of cosmetic work on the face and surrounding areas.


The facelift is aimed at rejuvenating your face and neck and it can be combined with surgery to the eyelids and with fat transfer.   All the procedures are part of the rejuvenation experience.  A rhytidectomy can improve the appearance of the face by correcting deep wrinkles or folds and to improve the jawline.  As part of the ageing process the skin, face and neck progressively losses its elasticity and there is loss of volume in the mid-face as well as laxity of the soft tissues.   Addressing theses changes surgically aims at elevating the skin and the soft tissues and muscles which are underneath.  This procedure is called SMAS facelift and it gives a longer lasting result.   Charles’ main aim with facelift is that the result is natural and it aims at rejuvenating your face and neck with a fresh youthful look but always avoiding a tight or an over operated appearance.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure for facial rejuvenation.  Ageing of the upper eyelids often is due to excessive loose skin and the ‘hooded’ appearance often causes people to complain of a tired look.   In the lower eyelid the most common complaint is due to fullness or ‘eye bags’.  Depending on the particular problem the operation will involve removal of the excess skin only or removal of the fat which causes the puffiness or a combination of both.

Fat Transfer

There has been a rapid increase in popularity in volumising the face by fat which has been harvested from other areas of the body and the main advantage is that it gives a more permanent filler.

Ancillary Facial Procedures under local anaesthesia.  Radio frequency removal of moles, skin tags, treatment of thread veins and skin tightening.


Ear-reshaping is type of cosmetic surgery used to correct protruding ears and the operation is also known as otoplasty or pinnaplasty.   Having protruding ears does not usually affect a person’s hearing but it can sometimes cause embarrassment and psychological distress.  Ears are one of the first parts of the body to develop to full adult size so if they protrude they can be particularly noticeable in children and may lead to teasing or bullying.  Charles and Lydia use a technique where the cartilage is remodelled to create the missing folds and position the ear closer to the head.   Adults with protruding ears can have practical problems – for example they may find it difficult to wear certain items of head wear, such as helmets and women may feel uncomfortable about wearing their hair up.  Other circumstances when the ear itself and or the earlobes need to be reduced in size to give a more youthful look.


Charles and Lydia’s work is by reputation and we have decided to not show pre- and post-surgery photos on our website. During your consultation we are happy to show you pre- and post-operative pictures of those patients who have given their consent.

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