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Our Fees

We are aware that some procedures – like rhinoplasty and other facial surgery – can represent a sizeable investment so we pledge to be honest and up-front with you on how much you can expect to spend on consultations, procedures and after-care. If, at any time, you want more information on pricing on payment, please contact a member of the team.

Consultation Fee

Your initial consultation is a very important part of your care.  You may have been thinking about having treatment for a very long time and your initial consultation will consist of a review of your medical history, clinical examination and a full discussion of your particular expectations and concerns.   Clinical photographs will be taken if necessary and you will have a one to one discussion of the proposed procedure in detail with either Charles or Lydia.

It is £300.00 for an initial consultation and if tests are required they will be added as an extra.  There is a charge for follow up consultations of £200.00 and following your consultation both Charles and Lydia will give you an estimate of the procedure, which will have a breakdown of the hospital fee, surgical fee and the anaesthetic fee.

For non surgical procedures you will be fully informed of the fee prior to any decisions and the prices range from £395.00 and this is inclusive of the consultation.

The fee is payable after your appointment and payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.


Most cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by health insurance but for operations performed on medical or functional grounds, both Charles and Lydia are providers of all major health insurance companies. It is your responsibility to ensure that your policy will cover the proposed surgery and we would advise you to contact your insurance company before the operation.

Settlement of surgical and anaesthetic fees for procedures not covered by health insurance is requested prior to your operation and the hospital account should be settled on the day of admission.  Sometimes, following surgery, the hospital may make an additional charge for some of the take-home medicines.

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